Investment Plans:

  • 4.5% Daily for 30 Days
  • 5% Daily for 30 Days
  • 5.5% Daily for 30 Days
  • 6% Daily For 30 Days
  • 1.3% Daily For 10 Days
  • 1.5% Daily For 10 Days


  • CryptoRide Expert Help You to Make Massive Profit Guaranteed, All You Need to do is make deposit and withdraw profit Daily.


CryptoRide LTD News

2019-11-09  Progress Update!

Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to inform you that Cryptoride completed first cycle 2 days ago. Today makes it 12 days since site was launched and we are very proud to say that Cryptoride is already making waves within a short time. As at this moment, we are already 489 members strong with $27347 invested. We have since paid 800 payouts representing a cash total of $9108 to members in just 12 days. Isn’t this amazing?

This is the right time to position yourself to attain success with Cryptoride. It will make sense to put your money where it will yield stable and sustainable long-term profit for you. So, invite your friends, associates and family members to also buy into the success story of Cryptoride early enough. Those who are wise certainly can see the prospect for success. Only short-sighted people will not see the huge earning opportunities that we are offering. In the words of Gil Stern, Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. Both are flying objects. At Cryptoride, both the optimist and pessimist are invited. Our system is designed to accommodate the needs of small earners and that of the VIP earner.

Our primary goal is to attain 1st position in this industry by doing everything necessary to maintain and sustain Cryptoride - Deal transparently with our members, pay you as at when due etc.

Why is Cryptoride getting more popular around? Reasons are as follows;

1. Fast payout! We have never delayed payment. I can sure you that you will be paid minutes or seconds upon receiving your withdrawal requests. Only when we are sleeping or something unusual can delay payments.
2. Prompt support via email, telegram group forum etc. From feedbacks so far, most members and visitors have been very excited and happy with the professional way we have been handling their concerns.
3. No garbage, no hanky-panky, smooth running of our website.
4. Solid DDOS backing from the best server provider.
5. Simple user friendly script and lots more...



Pay It Forward System (PIF) Added:
We have just added a PIF (pay it forward) system. that allows members to invest for their Downline/Member's using cash balance on their account. The beauty of this is that your down line member does not necessarily needs to fund their payment processor account. They can just open a cryptoride account and that is all. All you do is that they pay you the cash and you buy investment in their account from your cash balance account. I am sure most members will love this unique option we are providing. I hope this system will not be abused. It is designed to put more money in the pockets of members.


Cash Balance Purchase Option Available:

Now member can invest using their cash balance. It will help members to reinvest which will save you multiple fees from payment processors. Note: we pay commission on cash balance purchases.

We do not claim to be perfect, as everyone knows that mistakes do sometime happen. Most times, it can be resolved by simple communication. If you are facing any challenge, please let us know as we are ready to help you out. Never assume what you do not know. Always ask questions and ask early enough as we are always available to respond to every of your questions real time.

This program belongs to all of us and its success means more profit for you. We need your continuous support to achieve our goal of becoming number 1. At this point, I must appreciate you all for your support thus far.


Together we can build a bigger, stronger, better and long-lasting Cryptoride for all.

Thank you.


Admin & Team


2019-11-02  First Update!!!

Hello Everyone,

Warm welcome to Cryptoride Ltd. Let me congratulate you for a very successful Launch. You are in for a very Long haul. Cryptoride is the next big money making machine.

Happy Halloween celebration to all our members. Like you know, our site is just 5 days old and we have already recorded some landmark achievement since was launched. As at today, we have over 240 registered members with over 50% making one form of investment or the other totalling $17691 and still counting. We have also paid out over $2000 cash-out in 5 days Our site is designed for longevity with sustainable plans that helps you make massive profit. All you need to do is make deposit(s) or withdraw profit daily.

Our company is a duly registered private limited company with Company Number 12252671 which you can verify any day, any time.

Not everyone understands how crypto or forex investments works, but everybody understands getting return on an investment. What we are offering you is Guaranteed return on investment. You can earn up to 180% in just 30 days. You can also earn up to 5% referrals commission 3 levels deep.

New Innovations.
We are coming up with new option that allowing you to compound your profit in your account. That means you will be able to buy investment spots from your account balance.

We shall also introduce Cryptoride bounty system that will reward members for hard work by promoting our program.

As a company, our primary objective is to build a sustainable and reliable long-term income platform for everyone aiming at financial stability. One thing is sure; we will never promise what we cannot deliver. If you want to make stable income then you have come to the right place but if not then don’t even begin.

Our telegram group is: Please join us for real time support on any issue you may want us to address. We are active round the clock. Our loyal members are also active to help answer some of your questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Members are not allowed to edit payments options after registration. This is for security purpose. If you want to update you payment account, simply contact admin and if we are convince that account belong to you, we will update your account. It is best security to prevent hacking.

We are soliciting your full support to make our project work. We request that you vote and post positive comments about us on all our social media platforms. We aim to be on top in the nearest future and we are seriously counting on your support to attain this height. On our part, we pledge never to disappoint you.

The future of Cryptoride Ltd is you. Please give it all the support it requires to succeed.




2019-10-28  We Are Launch.
After months of careful planning and hard work, we are happyto announce the successful launch. Join today and start making money through your own deposits or participate in our affiliate program and receive 5% cumulative referrals commissions.